Breathing Better - Feeling Better
A guide to feeling better by breathing better
Cecile Cates Gegg

      Did you know
  • You can feel better in a matter of moments simply by changing the way that you're breathing?
  • Your breath has magical qualities?
  • You can change how you feel physically, emotionally and psychologically simply by changing the way that you're breathing?
  • Your breath is your Life Force and is the miracle of our being alive?
  • Your breath is the one thing that you cannot live without for more than a few moments?

                                       How many times have you thought about your breath

                                                                                                      and how you're breathing?

Would you like to feel better right now?

You begin by taking a nice deep breath -

then as you breathe out, you smile!

Breathing Better

This website is devoted to helping people become more aware of breathing better so that they can feel better.  Breathing is a simple process and we all know how to do it.....we just don't do it well!  The majority of us breathe very shallowly and depending on our state of mind, sometimes we actually stop breathing.  I believe people would like to know that their breath has the ability to influence their states of mind.  That our breath can calm or excite us, relax or tense us, as well as confuse or clear our minds. Each time we inhale, we bring oxygen into the body which sparks the conversion of nutrients into fuel.  And, on each exhalation we rid the body of carbon dioxide (toxic waste).  Slow focused mindful breathing allows the body and mind to relax, as the body releases toxins and the mind lets go of thoughts.  This then  begins to allow a sense of calming stillness to emerge.  

Bringing awareness to your breath as it enters and leaves your body, actually allows your mind to relax.  Our minds think thousands of thoughts every day, and the majority of these are the same thoughts we thought yesterday, and the day before.

Breathing Better - Feeling Better is the result of the author’s desire to share her awareness of the importance of better breathing.  Our Breath Is Our Life Force, the one thing that we cannot do without for more than a few moments, and it’s something that most of us never even think about.  It’s the miracle of our being alive.  The first breath we take is the beginning of our lives, and the last is taken when we leave.  Because we live in a very stressful time, the need for us to find a way to relax, and become more peaceful is increasing, and the author would like to share with her fellow humans a simple and relatively quick way to find that peace.

Once you have practiced one or more of these simple breathing techniques outlined in the book, you’ll begin to realize that you have the ability to change the way you feel at any given moment, simply by changing the way that you breathe.  Athletes, singers, as well as mothers giving birth, all know the importance of focused breathing.  Now, we can all learn how to feel better through breathing better. 

Our Life Force

Even though these breathing techniques are Yoga based, this book is NOT about Yoga as we in the West have come to think of this increasingly popular practice.  Breathing is one of the eight limbs of Yoga and is as equally important as the physical postures that are practiced.  The benefits of breathing properly can be experienced by all of us; all we have to do is slow down and begin to focus on the breath….our Life Force. 

Our breath coming in and going back out is the miracle of our being alive.  We take our first breath when we begin this life, and the last breath is taken just before we leave.  And yet, most of us have never given a second thought to our breath, unless of course we have developed breathing problems or have found ourselves in a situation where there isn’t enough air.  We are all searching (whether consciously or unconsciously) for ways to feel better and to be happier.  Ultimately it’s about developing a sense of peace within ourselves so that we don’t have to be constantly doing, talking, buying and moving in order to be happy.  Once we find the peace that is our true nature, we won’t always have to be doing.  Someone said once – we are human beings, not human doings.     
Learning how to breathe better, finding the rhythm of your breath (Life Force), as it comes in and out of your body, will bring you what you are really looking for – peace.  Then from this sense of peace, you will be able to live a fuller, less stressed life, knowing that deep down, under all the craziness of the world, everything is OK, all is well.  It is what it is!  That acceptance is peace.

We all want to feel better about ourselves and our lives, and to increase the ability to accept life as it comes, the good and the not so good, We’ve all heard it said that it’s not what happens to us, it’s how we feel about what happens to us.  By simply learning and incorporating these few breathing techniques, you will be better able to accept and manage the difficulties that you experience in life.  The ups and down will no longer be like a roller coaster ride, they will be more like flowing down a stream. When we find ourselves in a difficult situation, we can simply begin to focus on our breath, and from this new place, we are better able to deal with any situation from a more calm and peaceful place....without anger or fear.

We all have choices – we can choose to allow ourselves to be stressed and unhappy, or we can develop new habits and new ways to accept life without allowing it to overwhelm us, thus reducing our stress and illness. 

Allow Yourself

Allow yourself the opportunity to get to know you better, to feel what it’s like to really be you, from the inside.  We are all unique creations with something to share, and we owe it to ourselves, and to the world, to allow our true identities to surface. What I am sharing with you in this little book has the power to be the beginning of that discovery. By focusing on your breath (Life Force) coming in and going out, you allow your mind to take a break from all the other thoughts that constantly occupy it. It’s been said that we think thousands of thoughts a day, and the majority of those thoughts are the same ones that we thought yesterday and the day before. Trust yourself, your breath and the Universe, and know that we are all part of the whole.  Tuning in and focusing on your breath, allows you to begin to make the connection to the real you, to your Source, to God within.

As we live in a stressful world, our relationship to what is happening is all that we can really control.  Be fully present with your breath, let go of everything else, feel the miracle of your body breathing, feel grateful for the miracle of your breath, feel gratitude for all you are and all you have.  Even though it may not be everything you want, your life is a gift, and your breath is the doorway to that peace we are all longing for.  Learn how to feel better through breathing better.   

Focus on Exhaling - Letting Go

Inhaling through our nostrils, holding the breath for just a moment, and then exhaling through our nostrils is the best and most beneficial way to breathe, creating a nice smooth rhythm.  We humans all tend to breathe very shallowly, which means that we breathe only into the top portions of our lungs.  As a result, this leaves the remainder of our lungs stagnant, and filled with stale air.  Focusing on our exhalation is much more important, as this empties out our lungs in order to make room for a deeper inhalation.  We need not worry about inhaling, our bodies will naturally take a breath when they feel threatened there isn’t enough air.  The key to better breathing is to focus on exhaling - this is where the sense of relaxation begins.  It’s about letting go - something that is very difficult for many of us.  When we focus on exhaling, we are letting go of our breath slowly and mindfully.  This allows are minds and our bodies to begin to unwind, resulting in a sense of relaxation and peacefulness. 

Ultimately we all want to feel more peaceful.  From this peaceful place, we can be in the world from a different perspective.  We will be more OK with whatever happens in our lives - accepting life as it comes, one moment at a time, one day at a time.  We can feel better, it's very simple, we only need to become more mindful breathers.           

Beautiful Flowers

My special thanks to Jeffrey Friedl for sharing his beautiful photos with the world, and for so graciously allowing me to use them.  Please visit his website and let your eyes have a feast!    Jeffrey Friedl's Blog,

We all have within us the key to feel peaceful and relaxed -
all we have to do is learn how to breathe better so we can begin to feel better!